Echoes from a Near Future 

Solo Exhibition
Blouin Division - Toronto
Sept 16, 2022 - Dec 17, 2022 

In this second part of Echoes from a Near Future, Blouin Division presents recent work that illustrates hybrid forms and creates provocative images intended to assert Indigenous perspectives and methodologies that reverberate into the future. Monnet uses materials as a mean to constructs poetic narratives that disrupt prescribed Indigenous histories while projecting new meanings onto a shared, bilateral legacy.

Exhibition view at Blouin Division, 2022 

Fur Queen 03 and Fur Queen 04, 2022
Glass wool and polyethylene

Act of Making Longer, 2022
Weaving on synthetic roofing underlayment
44 1/2”x 69 1/4”

Exhibition view at Blouin Division, 2022