Like Ships in the Night

Solo Exhibition
Walter Phillips Gallery - Banff, AB

Like Ships in the Night centres around a twenty-two-day journey across the Atlantic Ocean that the artist took in the summer of 2012, and documented via handheld Mini DV. Covering a fifth of the Earth’s surface, the Atlantic Ocean has seen war, exchange, hope, greed, migration, and plunder. The imagery of the journey is dotted by markers of industry, refracted light, ships as shadows in the distance, and boiler rooms of infinite gauges; with Morse code and jamming radio signals providing a continuous backing track. Caroline Monnet here critiques the colonial, industrial and economic interchange between Canada and Europe as an Indigenous woman.

Photos: Rita Taylor

Exhibition views at the Walter Phillips Gallery, 2018

Semaphores I, II, III, 2018
Editions of 3
Digital print on paper
36” × 36”

The futute Itself Has a Future, 2018
Copper plates and copper wire
36” × 132” x 12”

The Future Itself Has a Future (detail)

Proximal I, II, III, IV, V, 2018 
Concrete, foam, and varnish
36” × 36”

Exhibition view at the Walter Phillips Gallery, 2018