Shallow Mirror High Tower

Collective Exhibition
Arsenal Contemporary NY, New-York
Jul 9 - Sep 9 2019

Shallow Mirror High Tower, is an exhibition featuring four artists who each draw parallels between our (non)built environments and distributions of power therein. Sites we occupy and transverse, from high rise buildings to the ocean, become metonymies for those who secure our access to them, dictating our mobility across space and time. While each artist contextualizes a particular social-material reality of their own making, taken together they establish a conversation transhistorical in scope. Examining the unseen bureaucratic structures that coerce certain forms of movement, the artists in Shallow Mirror High Tower meditate on the function of sites as potential barriers as well as possible containers for publics and for collective action. In their respective practices, Julie Favreau, Wanda Koop, Rose Marcus, and Caroline Monnet interest themselves in the perpetual nature of worldbuilding and the ways in which individuals are demanded to reconstitute themselves within these ever-shifting realities.

Smoke Plume 02, 2019 
Concrete and Foam,
40″ x 40″

Silent as Stone can be, 2019
Concrete and Foam,
68″ x 24″ x 24″

Flow, 2019
Concrete and Foam,
30″ x 30″ x 30″

Stability, 2019
concrete, foam, acrylic
31” x 35” x 35”

Smoke Plume 01, 2019
Concrete and Foam,
40″ x 40″

Exhibition view at Arsenal Contemporary NY. Sept 2019

Photo: Rita Taylor