Toronto - Toronto, ON
Sept 30, 2022 - Oct 02, 2022

Commissioned by Nuit Blanche Toronto, Synapses draws its inspiration from an abstracted version of tree roots that communicate underground and expose the Earth’s nervous system and how the roots send messages to us. This multimedia installation has large scale mirroring panels activated through light and sound. The public is invited to navigate through the immersive experience, creating a sense of togetherness and a call for mobilization.

Synapses is about resilience, connection and transmission, centering its concept on ideas of communication across great divides. It challenges the colonial organization of land, bodies, and time by exploring how universal modes of communication can bridge vast physical and psychological divides. This installation speaks to the interconnectedness and the diversity of views that shape our place within the world, shedding light on our need to connect in deeper ways in a collective experience.

Music by Sébastien Aubin; Mix by Simon Guibord 

Installation views, Nuit Blanche Toronto, 2022