The Future Itself has a Future

Presented as part of ‘Echoes’, a collective exhibition
Burnaby Art Gallery - Burnaby, BC 
Nov 29, 2019 - Jan 26, 2020

As an echo reflects and repeats between entities, this exhibition considers communication between bodies which may be thought to be eclipsed. Here, the bodies of water and the physical remnants of stone, plastic, and land become the houses for the historical traces of change and continuity. Selected artworks contemplate the physical and embodied ways in which memory reappears and continues to resonate within the individual and across generations.

Through practices such as ceremony and revisitations of the voyages of one’s ancestors, the artists included in this exhibition call upon knowledge systems that do not rely on the written word, but rather assert a continuity and interconnectedness between body, land, and water. Through videoworks, digital prints, and sculpture, the artists demand we question our own contributions to a shared futurity.

Accompanying this exhibition is an exhibition catalogue featuring contributions by the curator Emily Dundas Oke, the artists Scott Benesiinaabandan, Dayna Danger, Caroline Monnet, Nicole Preissl, Maika'i Tubbs, Jeffrey McNeil-Seymour (with Bonnie Klohn), along with poetry by jaz, jaye simpson, and Valeen Jules.

In addition, Echoes has been selected as an Editor's Pick in Canadian Art.

Photos: Blaine Campbell
Exhibition view at the Burnaby Art Gallery, 2019

The Future Itself Has a Future, 2018
Copper plates and copper wire
36” x 132” x 12” 

The Future Itself Has a Future (detail)