Solo Exhibition
Galerie du Nouvel Ontario - Sudbury, ON

Wanderlust explores complex issues around identity, culture and territory, envisioning various topographies and iconographies through painting and video, which, for this exhibition, all overlap to produce a large network of colours and lines.

Much like an ancestral tree or a topographical survey, the installation makes manifest our interconnectedness with people and the planet, despite the boundaries and bloodlines that too often keep us apart.

Wanderlust – a strong desire to travel, and Gephyrophobia – a fear of bridges, antagonize each other in our quest for emancipation. The resulting installation draws from various political and social histories, showing us how delineations, real or imagined, shape our cultures and communities.

Curated by Stefan St-Laurent
More info: https://gn-o.org/en/expo/wanderlust/

Modern Tipi (Edith), 2012
Acrylic on canvas
60” x 60”

June, 2018
Laser etching on wood
24” x 24”

June, 2018
Laser etching on wood,
24” x 24”

Exhibition views at Galerie du Nouvel Ontario, 2018

Modern Tipi (Roberta) [detail]

Exhibition views at Galerie du Nouvel Ontario, 2018